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France Octdober 2013
You know you are in Paris when you see the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, or tourists in the middle of the street taking pictures of each other.
Ard de Triomphe Eiffel Tower tourists
Parthenon Caro in Parthenon Parthenon
(above) The Parthenon. (below) Tuilleries Garden.
statue in Tuilleries Garden Tuilleries Garden John in Tuilerries Garden
(above) Luxemburg Gardens. (below) Bon Marche.
(above, left) La Petite Cour restaurant. (middle) The result of parking in a no-parking zone. (right) Paris street.
(below) Place Sant-Sulpice. If you use your imagination, in the middle photo a lion's head is visible in the water.
(left and middle) Saint Sulpice. (right) Entrance to Park Monceau.
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