river boat advertising bar on board
Cruising June 2013
We arrived in London just in time for the Queen's birthday celebration. Although her motorcade sped by us, she didn't wave.... Flags lined the Mall.
Carol The Mall
St. Paul's Cathedral statuary group in front of St. Pauls
(above, left and center) St. Paul's Cathedral. (above, right) Banners proclaimed the Queen's Jubilee
Sphinx fish at base of lamp post river barge
(above, left) Sphinx outside the Tate Modern with the London Eye in the background. (above, middle) Ornamental base of a lampost next to the Thames. (above, right) A Thames River barge set for dining (below, left) Although the sign proclaimed cleaning up the river, a lot of debris floated about the barge. (below, middle) The M&Ms store. (below, right) The London Eye.
barge with sign "Cleaning The River Together" London Eye
lunch at Tate Modern Carol with fish & chips at Tate Modern lunch at Tate Modern
(above) Lunch at the Tate Modern. (below) Somerset House.
John in front of Somerset House Pigeons in fountain Somerset house
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