river boat advertising having a bar on board
Cruising June 17, 2013
Bordeaux, France
The ship made a very brief stop at Le Verdon to let the wine lovers off for the Bordeaux wine excursion. We traveled through vineyards to reach the Chateau Lascombes and sample some fine magaux.
Chateau Lacombes
(Above, left) Chateau Pichon Longueville. The centerpiece of Place des Quinconces is its mighty pillar; the Girondist Column (middle). On the south side of the column stand two impressive fountains: “Le triomphe de la République” – “the triumph of the Republic”, and on the other side, “Le triomphe de la Concorde”- “the triumph of Agreements”.
    Docked in Bordeaux on the Garonne River.
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