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biking in the Netherlands Tuesday, April 30, 2013
Des Indes to Gouda & Bergambacht 57.2km
We set off for Gouda, once again passing the back entrance to the Queen's residence, through the "Groene Hart" (Green Heart) of Holland. Passing through the countryside and small towns celebrating the Queen's Day national holiday with flea markets, street fairs, and orange decorations everywhere.
Carol on bike John with bike John on bike path in woods
sheep in field John on bike Carol with horses
orange banners Queen's day market Queen's day market
sheep with bird on back Carol on bike flower greenhouse
(below) Reaching Gouda, we lock our bikes and tour the Cathedral and city. After lunch in a cafe on the main plaza, we're off to Bergambacht.
Dutch flags on building city hall flags on city hall
Carol sandwich John
Carol and windmill bridge windmill
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