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Caribbean Cruise January 8, 2013
St. Kitts
St. Kitts hangs on to its British roots as the first British settlement in the West Indies but was also at various times claimed by the French, Spanish, and English for 150 years before becoming a British colony in the late 1700s. It became independent in 1983 and remains are of the Commonwealth. (below) As was true in most ports, port police followed us into port where we disembarked in Basseterre. (2nd & 3rd rows) We boarded a bus for an island tour with the first stop the Greatview Manor House and Botanical Garden.
St. Kitts port coming into port at St. Kitts Port Police boat shadowing Crystal Serenity
Fairview Great House porch Carol
Carol & Jim Shirley & Carol under giant tree bottle tree
Leaving Greatview Manor House, we ventured to Brimstone Hill Fortress which took over a 100 years to build during the 1700s.
barracks fort canons
fort fort John & Carol with canon
view of Atlantic Ocean Carol View of Caribbean
(above) From one stop, we could see the Atlantic Ocean on the left and the Caribbean on the right. (below) Back at port, colorful dancers were waiting as we returned to our ship. The Adventure of the Seas ship dwarfs our Crystal Serenity.
dancers Crystal Serenity at dock two cruse ships
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