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Colorado August 2012
Off to summer in the Colorado Rockies. (left & right) Vail Village.
Vale Village Carol
covered bridge creek road on mountain
(above left & center) A covered bridge connects the parts of the village bisected by a stream. (above right) Service road a top of ski mountain. (below left) Carol riding gondola to top of ski mountain.
Carol on ski lift ski lift Vale
chipmunk Carol on trail Carol
(above left) A critter explores the building at the top of the gondola. (above right) We find shelter in under an overhand to picnic during a light rain and John lends his had to a carved bear (below right)
backside of Vale ski area John in gondola John's hat on bear carved from tree stump
Carol flower meadow on ski slope
scupture flamengo scultpure of skier
It's common for ski mountain towns to have artwork, but there is no accounting for taste.

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