heading banner photo
Colorado August 2012 Leadville Colorado & Southern RR
Starting in the "highest incorporated city in North America," the Leadville Colorado & Southern Railroad takes passengers along the old Denver, South Park & Pacific and Colorado & Southern lines. The journey is "out and back"—with the train backing up the whole way on the first leg, then going engine first for the return.
diesel locomotive Carol on train station
passenger car track leaving station open top railroad car
train track track
track on side of hill track seen from locomotive cab deer on side of track
view from train Carol riding in loco cab Carol in front of loco
(left) The route hugs the side of the mountain, giving spectacular views of the Arkansas River Valley. (Above, center) Carol riding in the cab of the locomotive on the return leg of the trip.
view from train water tower looking at track over engine hood
coupler track steam engine
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