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South East Asia February 2012
We cruised into Singapore on a misty dawn (header) and were met with views of its striking architecture. As we spent more time in the city we learned that it was filled with interesting buildings (below middle, right, and second row)
Singapore skyline at dawn building buildings
building building bridge
no urinating sign Singapore is a "city that works." In large part this is because it is a city of rules... sign
no dogs allowed sign street sign no soliciting sign
people in tri-shaws colorful buildings Carol & John on tri-shaw
Our first venture into the city was to try different modes of transportation while seeing the sights. First: a tri-shaw ride (above) That's like rickshaw pulled by a bicyle. Second: a boat trip in the harbor; (below left) a young boy supervised the docking of our boat; (middle) and we saw sculpture of the city symbol a cross between a mermaid and a lion, appropriately the Mer-lion (right)
boat boy looking at boat Singapore's MerLion
John boarding bus Carol on bus handles on bus
Next, we boarded a bus (above) to take us to the Raffles Hotel (below, left) There we ventured to the bar famous for inventing the Singapore Sling and tried one while throwing peanut shells on the floor. (bottom row) Singapore at night.
Raffles Hotel outdoor bar at Raffles Raffles bar
Raffles bar Carol with Singapore Sling John with Sinagpore Sling
Raffles bar Raffles bar Raffles bar
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