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Siem Reap, Cambodia 2012
We drove out into the countryside with our driver and chef to a little house on stilts owned by the hotel and used for special functions. As with the temples, kids met us when we got out of the car trying to sell postcards and other stuff. But, they knew that they dared not cross the line of the front gate (middle)
house on stilts kids at gate balcony
prepared veggies charcoal hot for cooking more food prepped for cooking
We chopped, mashed, pounded, and stirred.
John & chef Carol with mortar & pestle Carol chopping
John stirring wok Carol tastng food stirring pot
food John making spring rolls meat being put on the fire
courtyard our helper Carol taking a break
food is served table with food plate with food
Finally, we were done. a wonderful meal; prepared (mostly) by us. And, the chef waived goodbye (right) as we headed back to Amansara.
enjoying our cooking table with plates chef waiving goodbye
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