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Italian Lakes Walking Trip
Thursday, October 4, 2012
Villa Castagnola Loop via Brè 6.9km
There was a funicular just in back of the hotel which we took to go to Mt. Brè where we began our walk.
Villa Serbelloni Lake Como Lake Como
John boat on Lake Como Carol
(above) At the top of the funicular we climbed to the top of Mt. Brè for a view back toward overcast Lake Lugano. Then, we descended to Brè Paese where there was a small cemetery. Passing through the little cobblelstone village, we headed into the hills, cautioned to watch for falling nuts. (below)
Lake Como lakefront church swans on lake
Lake Como Scultpure in turret boat landing
villa villa villa
The overcast weather held when we got to lunch—Spotless was getting into some sort of trouble with the wine bottle, so guide Alisio "air lifted" him out of mischief. Then it was back downhill to the funicular.
villa villa roadway above Lake Como
man rowing boat Villa Lake Como
We had a wine tasting with some anitpasta which was supposed to just be a prelude for dinner, but it was enough all by itself. It looked like at least one of the restaurants could have used the customers! (above right)
burro Carol & John getting off boat men's chior
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