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Italian Lakes Walking Trip Wednesday, October 3, 2012
Menaggio to Porlezza 13.5km
With low hanging clouds and overcast skies (left) we shuttled left Bellagio by boat and took a taxi to the outskirts of the village of Menaggio where we set off on the longest hike of the trip, (middle) crossing streams on stone bridges as we climbed.
John & Alisio on bridge building
chapel in cemetery cow Polezza
(above) Inevitably, we passed small cemeteries and a tree trunk carved to indicate a tent camping area to reach a viewpoint where we could see Lake Lugano in the distance. Two-thirds of the way, we paused at Pizzeria la Rotonda for lunch before heading (mostly downhill) to Porelezza.
Lake Lugano Lake Lugano Lake Lugano
(above) We arrived on the shore of Lake Lugano to catch a boat to take us to the City of Lugano in Switzerland. After cleaning up at hour hotel, the Grand Hotel Villa Castagnola, we had a great evening in their one-star restaurant.
Lake Lugano at dusk dessert dessert
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