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Italian Lakes Walking Trip Tuesday, October 2, 2012
Bellagio Loop via Perla 7.2 km
After a spectacular sunrise over Lake Como (and breakfast), we set off on a walking tour of Bellagio, catching great views of the lake along the way. (below)
Sunrise on Lake Como Belagio stree Lake Como
Belagio guide & woman Tort
(above) A friend of Francesca's, our city tour guide, called down from her balcony that she had just made a torte that she wanted to share. (below, right) Why a stairway? At the top is a villa/mansion. The owner wanted an unobstructed view and access to the lake.
Lake Como John with camera Belagio
Lake Como church in Bellagio gardens
On the trail out of town, we pass old churches and beautiful gardens. On the edge of town is a glass blowing factory. Although the primary product is Christmas ornaments, the owner had to demonstrate his skill by making a swan for us.
glass blower molten glass glass swan
christmas ornaments Carol Lake Como
bridge with hikers Carol John with camera
burro Lake Como Carol with lake in background
Heading back to town, we have more views of the lake and a few critters. Who knew squirrels like to eat mushrooms?
squirel eating mushroom path Belagio
Carol at lunch John on boat on Lake Como
After lunch on our own, while a few hearty souls hiked up a hill across the lake we took a private boat tour of Lake Como...on the next page.
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