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Piedmont, Italy September 29 & 30, 2012
An overnight flight from Los Angeles to Frankfurt with a short hop to Milan put us in position to start our adventure. On a rainy Saturday, we stopped for lunch at Peck—something akin to Harrod's Food Hall in London—and to gawk at all the amazing foods. (center) Tomatoes interspersed with zucchini slices.
John zucchini & tomato Carol
statue of lion streetcar Duomo
We saw Leonardo's Last Supper painting, not many people allowed in the room at the same time and on 15 minute intervals. Milan's Duomo (above right) is always impressive as is its interior. We managed to be inside at just the right time to catch colored light from stained glass windows painting the tall columns (below middle)
inside Duomo color from stained glass windows on columns inside Duomo
street with Duomo in distance Carol on street fort
After the rain on Saturday, the sun returned on Sunday so we could walk in the park and listen (briefly) to a drum concert in the park (below right)
John in park arch drumers
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