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Tuscany, Italy October 21 & 22, 2012
Leaving the Villa Monterotondo after a wonderful week, we head north to Florence and the Palazzo Magnani Feroni. Arriving near dark, we stroll the city, passing familiar sights like the Duomo, David, and closed shops on Ponte Vecchio
Carol Carol John
guitarist David statue at night closed Pontevechio shops
Sam Lorenzo Campanile sculling on muddy Arno
(above left) San Lorenzo. (center) Campanile next to Duomo. (right) Sculling on a very muddy Arno river. (below) Wandering around the central market.
Carol vegetables John
pasta machine tortelini shallots
cheeses shallots mushrooms
boots manequin street vendors
flowere in barrel Carol JohnHaving a last meal before leaving Italy, we share memories of another wonderful adventure together.
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