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Hawaii November 2012
Planning on moving into our remodeled condo right after returning from Italy, we didn't plan on a second trip to the Big Island this year, but we got a phone call while in Italy telling of a water backup in the condo that meant removal of all the new kitchen cabinetry, most of the hardwood flooring, and 2' of drywall over much of the lower floor. So, with moving put off until Feb. 2013, we decided to celebrate John's 65th in Hawaii...at Hualalai of course!
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sea turtle John sea turtle
'Ulu restaurant Carol John
Although we ate most dinners at the Beach Tree Bar, we had the actual birthday dinner at the remodeled Pahu'ia—now called the 'Ulu. (below right) Happy birthday in Hawaiian.
fish fish dessert plate
Carol Hualalai John
Carol & John mai tai Carol
At the Beach Tree Bar for lunch...
Hamburger fish tacos Carol
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