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Grand cayman island January 6, 2011
George Town
After leaving Miami, our first stop was George town on Grand Cayman Island. (left) Two Holland America ships were already in port when we arrived. Once on shore, we boarded a van to go to the airport for a helicopter tour. Our cheerful pilot (center) assured Carol he hadn't had any accident that day and we were off. (right)
arrving in Grand Cayman Carol and helicopter pilot taking off
boats at reef people in water with manta rays people in water
As we headed out over the water, we saw a cluster of boats. Getting closer, we could see that the water was very shallow and people were in the water petting manta rays—big manta rays. But, the rays were not the only critters in sight. The water was clear enough that we could see sea turtles (below left) and starfish (below middle) Heading out toward deeper water, jet skis (below right) and parasails were in sight.
sea turtle starfish jet ski
cruise ships Crystal Serenity airport landing
Our "chopper" cruised over one of the other ships (above left) before circling the Serenity (above center) and heading back to the airport. (above right) We took the almost obligatory photo in front of the machine (below left) before heading into town...what there was of it.
John & Carol next to helicopter shark sculpture downtown Grand Cayman
John with ship in background pirate sculpture Crystal Serenity
After a short walk around town, we headed back to the ship and dinner.
Carol dinner plate scallop John
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