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Panama Canal Cruise January 7, 2011
Panama Canal
After clearing the Pedro Miguel lock, we cruise through Miraflores Lake to the two-stage Miraflores locks. (below, center)  A sailor is dwarfed by the container ship's anchor. (below, right) Water coming out of a tunnel to lower a ship in a lock.
At Miraflores, there is a large visitors center where people can sit and watch the ships coming through the locks. (below center)
(center; above and below) The ship's photographers are allowed to go on the lock gate to take photos of the ship. (below, left) The Miraflores Swing Bridge is still operable, but not used often. (below, right) More work on a new, wider and longer set of locks.
(above, center) The Panama Canal pilot is picked up and our captain is in control once again. (above right & below left) the Bridge of the Americas. (below center) John taking a last photo of the canal as we slip out into the Pacific Ocean looking across Panama Bay toward the high rises in Patilla.
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