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December 2011>
Once again, we returned to London to kick-off the Christmas Season. The city is filled with tradition, cheer, good theater, and great food. (below) London Bridge in distance, St. Paul's, and the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.
London Bridge & Thames River London Eye Changing of the guard at Buckingha Palace
Christmas decorations Christmas decorations Christmas decorations
Christmas crowds Carol and Millenium Bridge Bill, Etta, & Carol
(above) Festive lights (center) St. Paul's from the Tate Modern (right) Carol with her cousin Etta and husband Bill.
Carol on Millenium Bridge Buckingham Palace John
Driving for Miss Daisy set Buckingham Palace stage set
We saw nine performances, including Driving Miss Daisy (below) On several prior trips to London we had enjoyed the fish 'n chips at the restaurant at the Tate Modern. But, when we arrived this time, we found it had been taken of the menu! Not a problem, we later got 'em at a gastro pub.
John at Tate Modern Tate Modern Carol at Tate Modern
St. Paul's & Millenium Bridge Fortnum & Mason display window um & Mason display window
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