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Italy July 2011
With the biking trip over, we leave the Cipriani via water taxi heading for the railroad station.
Cipriani pool Grand canal cruise ships from train
It's a short train ride from Venice to Bologna where one of our first sights is the Pirelli girls arre performing with umbrellas. We should have taken that as an omen. So, a nice lunch in an outdoor trattoria and....
Carol on train Pirelli girls Carol
...the skies open—guess the Pirelli girls knew what was going to happen
rain in Bologna rain rain in Bologna
With the rain, we really appreciated the many covered arcades in Bologna.
restaurant in arcade statue in main piazza arcade
St Stphan interior Basilica of Santa Maria dei Servi. Basilica of Santa Maria dei Servi.
(above left) Monastery of St. Stephan. (middle and right) Basilica of Santa Maria dei Servi.
building in Bolgna tower fountain
We used our time to explore the city and enjoy its rich history. One night, (bottom row) we ventured into the piazza in front of the cathedral and found an outdoor movie theater had been set up to show old black and white english movies with Italian subtitles.
John view from hotel room Carol
outdoor movie outdoor movie outdoor movie
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