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Italy Thursday June 30, 2011
Brondolo to Lido (31.2 km)
Perhaps this should be called "Return to Venice (by bike)." After a transfer to Brondolo, we set off again on our bikes with Venice as our destination. Of course, that mean island hopping and several transfers of bikes to boat. We ride first to Chioggia at the southern end of the Venice Lagoon.
Carol John boat
bikes on boat Carol boarding boat John on boat
From Chioggia we take a boat (and our bikes) to the island of Pellestrina.
loading boat Carol on bike Venice lagoon
After riding the length of Pellestrina, we are back on the boat to go to Alberoni where we ride to lunch. A short 6.6 km ride after lunch and the biking is over...water taxis to the Hotel Cipriani with time to prepare for our end-of-trip feast.
Carol John on bike loading bikes on boat
B&R makes sure we are supplied with proper masks for a Venetian ball and our guides (middle below) meet us near the Doge's Palace so we can board gondolas to take us to dinner. Of course, we needed a little bubbly for the trip (second row, middle).
Carol and John with masks guides gondola
gondola Carol with champagne glasses John
Palazzo John and Carol view from Palazzo
Grand Canal table reception
(above, left) The view from the balcony of the palazzo where we had dinner. (middle) The table set for our feast. (below, left) the chef shows the fish prior to preparation. (below, right) After dinner we return to walk through Piazza San Marco and find the Piazza Ducale beginning to be flooded by rising water.
chef showing fish for dinner dessert piazza with tide water
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