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Italy Wednesday, June 29, 2011
La Rotonda and Montegaldella (60.3 km)
After a night in a very hot hotel room--billed as "eco-friendly" which meant no air conditioning, no air movement, and a window that opened on an air shaft that pigeons used for their business, we set off on a loop ride. First stop: La Rotonda (below) believed to be the masterpiece of Pallaian architecture.
Rotolone bird sculpture il Rotolone
farm with sunflowers field with tower in distance John on bike
(above) Sunflowers and more fields. (below) Carol stopping to talk to Paulo in the support van. Lunch at Ttrattoria Da Cirillo ended with a wicked dessert cart. Along the way, we passed a front yard with a make-shift pirate ship that seemed to be part of an engagement party.
Carol with support van dessert pirate ship
bridge in Vicenza statue Vicenza at night
Still feeling the heat and humidit, we opted to return to Vicenza. With no relief from heat in the hotel, we roamed the city until settling for a nice outdoor restaurant.
John Vicenza at night Carol
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