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Italy Tuesday, June 28,2011
To Vicenza via Costozzo and Fimon (55.7 km)
The weather was still hot (close to 100°) and humid (high 80s). The ride was through rolling country side--through small towns and vineyards.
Carol on bike Carol on bike bikers on hill
Carol riding on small road John on bike countryside
Good thing we'd filled our water bottles because some of the spigots didn't have potable water.
Carol riding next to vineyard do not drink water sign John with water bottle
Leaving the agricultural fields, orchards, and vineyards, we entered Vicenza. The lion of St. Mark (below left) is from the time of domination by Venice. (lower row) after a walk through the city, our group had wine in the Piazza dei Signoria before heading to dinner. (lower middle) One of our B&R guides rockin' to the music. (lower right) Great risotto.
Vicenza with Venice winged lion Vicenza Vicenza square
John and Carol dancing rissoto
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