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Italy Monday, June 27,2011
Villa del Quar loop via Bardolino (63.1km)
A hot day with some tough biking. On the way to Bardarlino on Lake Garda, one hill was so steep that B&R's route directions said to walk the bikes up a 1 km winding path.
Villa del Quar Carol and bike countryside
Bardarlino John Lake Garda
(Left) Bardarlino (middle) John on route. (right and below) Lake Garda
boats on Lake Garda John on boardwalk Lake Garda
sun bathers at Lake Garda Carol and B&R guide ducks at shoreline
(above, left) Sun bathers at Lake Garda (middle) Carol explaining to __ that although the ducks may be just fine with almost 90% humidity that we've had enough biking for the day.
Villa wine barrels grape drying room for Amarone
(above, left) Villa Novare (middle) wine barrel for aging Bertani's Amarone. (right) Room for drying grapes for Bertani Amarone.
(below) Vineyards
vineyard at dusk vineyard road pond at vineyard
John & Carol Villa at night Villa a night
(above) Off to dinner in the Villa Novare and the Villa at night.
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