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lana'i 2011
Koloiki Ridge Trail
fence John Carol
We took off from the Keole Lodge, headed for the Koloiki Ridge Trail but decide we want to revisit the cemetery. What we didn't know when we set off was that this would add several miles to our hike.
John road Carol on road
flower John on trail Carol
cemetery with American flag Lanai cemetery John in cemetery
valley Valley John
We followed the Monroe Trail, a one-lane dirt road to reach a lookout over the Maunalei Gulch. (above) Carol, the critter finder, almost stepped on the Jackson's Chameleon (Chamaeloeo jacksonii) (below, right) Purportedly, this critter's tongue is 1.5x longer than its body.
flower Carol resting on rock lizard
Carol with Maui in background moss on tree stump Maui from Lanai
From the lookout point, we had a great view of Maui (above left and right) There were many interesting plants along the way—like the moss growing on the tree stump (above middle) and the rings on the trees on the trail back to the lodge. (below middle) The reward for getting back was a burger at the lodge before taking the shuttle back to Manele Bay.
John tree with growth rings Carol
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