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Hawaii March 2011
Big Island
After leaving Lana'i, we went back to Honolulu to catch a plane for the Big Island. There, we headed off to a hale between the Mauna Lani and the Orchid Resort. (below, left) Our backyard. (middle) Carol at grill. (right) The living room.
hale backyard dinner setting living room
Carol cooking John with knife and bottle of wine Carol & John
(above) We cooked and (below) wandered around the ancient Hawaiian fish ponds.
boats Carol John
pond eels snow capped Maua Kea
(above, middle) Eels hiding in the rocks. (above, right) Snowcapped Maua Kea. (below) Dinner: mahi mahi with fresh papaya salsa.
John pouring wine fish with papaya salsa Carol
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