Cooper River bridge
Charleston to Savannah October 2010
Low Country
More boats in front yards, obviously not used in a long, long time. So, why decorate trees with bottles? When a school bus isn't needed for moving kids, the top is cut off and it is used to transport watermelons.
John on bike bottles on tree loading watermellons on schoolbus
beach lighthouse John & Carol on beach
(above) The beach and lighthouse at Hunting Island, SC. (below) On the road, couldn't help but notice that a "cemetary" that hopes is different from other cemeteries. In Beaufort, Confederate flags were mixed with American Flags.
sign with misspelled "cemetary" cemetery cemetery with civil war and American flags
old house Carol at Rhett House Inn Rhett House, Beaufort
(above) Beaufort: Old house found when biking in, Carol on steps of Rhett House, & Rhett House. (below) Bonaventure Cemetery.
Bonaventure cemetery monument at Bonaventure Cemetery Bonaventure cemetery
John with camera Savannah bay Carol with bike
(above) John, ever ready with camera. The bay outside Savannah. Carol patiently waiting for photos to be taken. (below) Carol & John entering the long gravel road to a plantation. Carol and Maren celebrating the end of the last ride.
Carol at entrance to plantation John at entrance to plantation Carol
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