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Low Country October 2010
Kiawah Island
A return to Kiawah Island while we were in the low country. Our 2008 time there was so relaxing that we were eager to return. The low country sunsets (left and right) and sunrises (middle) have amazing light.
sunset sunset sunset
Carol on dock kayakers boat on creek
Although we had a dock in front of our house, (left) we were content to just watch the kayakers and fishing boats pass by. (mddle and right) And, of course, there was time for cooking.
Carol at barbeque Carol in kitchen John in kitchen
John John with bike Carol on bike
We did get on our beach cruisers to check out the neighborhood and look for wildlife. And we found a lot of 'gators this time.
Carol on bik on bridge John with camera Carol on bike
wildlife lookout station bird beach
bird in flight bird egretts on water
fish jumping out of water bird dog on beach
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