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Low Country October 2010
Charleston We returned to Charleston for a few days before a Backroads multi-sport trip from Charleston, SC to Savannah GA. The city is filled with churches—a product of very early toleration of most faiths and denominations and old, often restored, buildings.
John on steps
old jail
Above Left The old jailhouse. above center US Customs house, important in this port city above right Carol investigating carriage tours. below Some of the many signs of the importance of the ocean to life in Charleston.
John with camera
The fountain in Waterfront Park is a favorite with kids. We explored the city for two days, took pictures and enjoyed the history of the city.
John in park
Though we didn't partake, carriage rides are very popular with visitors to Charleston. Not surprisingly, the carriage tours pass some of the city's historic cemeteries. Also not surprising, we found even more of the cemeteries, many of which are adjacent to churches. (the butterfly picture is Carol's)
John in cemetery
John in cemetery
John in restaurant carol
Visits to the Low Country are increasingly about food as the region brings new twists to old standards. Although we think shrimp with grits was on every breakfast menu, we couldn't do that. But, we did enjoy many great meals.
Carol in coffee bar salad
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