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Christmas 2009
Another holiday in London! A festive air, good food, interesting theater, and joined by Sharon and Dan. All in all, "lovely" as the British like to say. Theater included Priscilla of the Desert,Avenue Q, Lion King, Oliver, Wicked, carols at the Royal Albert Hall, and Phantom of the Opera. London Eyezuchini at Richard Corrigan

The London Eye

Eating in London
Carol John at Harrods Buckingham Palace at night
(above left) Carol in Piccadilly Square (above middle) John near Harrod's. (above right) Buckingham Palace at night.
(below left) Sharon and Carol with our tree. (below middle) we thought the phone booths were supposed to be red (roll mouse over image). (below right) Carol in Green Park.
Sharon and Carol black and red phone booths Carol
Carol, Sharon, & Dan V&A museum John in V&A
(above left) Carol, Sharon, and Dan on the way to the theater . (above middle) Victoria and Albert (the "V & A") museum. (above right) John really doesn't look like either of these guys.
(below left) Dan and Sharon joined us and our friends Joyce and Craig (below middle) before Christmas carols at the Royal Albert (below right) .
Sharon & Dan Joyce & Craig Royal Albert Hall
Carol John Dan, Sharon, & Carol at Christmas dinner
(above left and middle) Carol and John donned their hats on Christmas morning to attend the Peter Pan Christmas Day Race. (above right) Christmas dinner at 51 Buckingham Gate.
(below) The Peter Pan Christmas Day Race. Yes, it is just as cold as it looks!
Peter Pan Christmas swim swimmer Peter Pan Christmas swim
Sharon John & Sharon Carol & Sharon
(above and below right) Sharon, John, and Carol were off to see the changing of the guards on Boxing Day. (below middle) Remember the song, Feed the Birds, from Mary Poppins—times have changed! (below right) Don't yield, just "give way." (bottom row) Boxing day dinner as a farewell to London.
Queens guard Do not feed the birds "Give Way" sign
John & Carol desert Sharon & Dan
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