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Christmas in London 2009
Cinnamon Club
The Cinnamon Club An Indian restaurant in an old library building...and not well marked from the outside. When we first visited it two years ago, we went by it three times before finding it. But, we love it. (below) The tasting menu was well paced and took almost three hourse to consume! (right) The amuse-boche.
Carol John starter
crab & tamarind salad Stir fry of Red Sea Shrimp crisp zuchini flower
(above) Norwegian king crab and tamarind salad, cured salmon. (below) Tandoori partridge with peanut and dried mango. (above) stir fry of Red Sea shrimp with garlic and spinach. (below) Char-grilled monkfish, tomato lemon sauce. (above) Crisp zuchini flower with spiced vegetables. (below) Saddle of Oisin deer with pickling spices.
Tandoori partridge Char grilled monk fish saddle of red deer
pineapple and pink peppercorn pudding wine espresso
We finished the meal with pineapple and pink peppercorn pudding, relished the last bit of wine, and had a satisfying espresso.
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