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Italy 2009
Rome: the eternal city. Filled with history of the Roman Empire and countless churches. In addition to the fountains(below), check out thephotos of the spigotslocated throughout the city.
Carol early pope carriage John with early "popemobile"
(above)Carol looking at linens. An early "Popemobile." John with another early pope's carriage.
(below)A path near the coloseum. Pigeons have no respect. Carol planning the next stop.
Rome statue with pigeon Carol
Spanish Steps Roman ruins with church in background Vittoriano
(above)Spanish Steps. Roman ruins with one of the many churches. Il Vittoriano a.k.a. "the cake."
(below)John above Piazza del Popolo. Carol finds a new friend. Fence detail.
John with statue Carol with baboon sculpture fence detail
Romulus statue John at Trevi fountain Carol & John
Capitoline wolf with figures of Romulus & Remus. John at Trevi fountain. Us.
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