Carol & John Llewellyn
heading banner photo
biking in the Netherlands Monday, April 29, 2013
Des Indes loop to Leiden & Wassenaar 40.5km
With a light drizzle in the morning, only four of us ventured off on our trusty bikes to ride through some of Wassenaar's beautiful estates and parks. (right) We passed the queen's residence (she was home) and (second row left) biked through the forest.
Carol riding in rain bikes with seat covers for rain Queen Beatrix' house
riding in rain Carol biking in rain bikers
John dressed for rain church steeple orange cow scultpures
Orange was everywhere, even cow sculptures painted orange for the celebration! We arrived in Leiden before our Dutch pancake lunch (below 2nd row) to see its canals (below left) and the ornate city hall. (below right) Along the way, the bike paths had their own traffic signals.
canal in Leiden
Dutch pancake: pannenkoek Dutch pancake pannenkoek
church flower field Carol on bike next to railroad tracks
bicyclists on bridge fountain John on bike path
guides Abby and Alice dressed in orange for the Queen's birthday fountain John with jenever (Dutch gin)
(left) Alice, on the right, with her sister are dressed to celebrate the House of Orange. John (right) tastes genever.