Carol & John Llewellyn
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Caribbean Cruise January 11, 2013
St. Barthélemy
St. Bart's was first settled by the French in 1648, and except for brief British takeover in the 1700s, remained French until one of Louis XVI's ministers traded it to Sweden. After about 100 years, the island reverted to French control in 1878. About 90% of the population is of European descent, unlike most Caribbean islands whose populace is largely from African and Indian descent. The port at Gustavia is small, so our ship anchored offshore and we transfered to the town by tender.
St. Barth's coastline St. Barths St. Barths.
port street port cafe\
Carol & John with giant anchor colorful restaurant entrance chain for giant anchor
Jim, Shirley, & Carol on street church cabin next to harbor
bay Jim & Shirley dock
harbor boat named "Carol I" harbor
Shirley & Jim sandwich Carol & John