Carol & John Llewellyn
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Caribbean Cruise January 10, 2013
St. Lucia
Allegedly, Columbus sighted this island, but did not land there, on St. Lucie's Day in 1502. The French claim a colony of shipwrecked French sailors came on shore about the same time. So, it's not clear who or when the island was discovered by Europeans. The island changed hands 14 times between the British and French before becoming a British Crown Colony by the 1814 Treaty of Paris. In 1967 St. Lucia became an independent state and member of the British Commonwealth.
Carol boarding tender Shirley boarding tender Shirley & Jim on tender going to shore
(Above) We anchored off Castries, St. Lucia and were transferred to shore by ship's tenders. (below left) Looking down on the harbor which is actually within the flooded crater of an extinct volcano. (middle) Bananas put in plastic bags while on the tree to protect them prior to harvest. (right) Crystal Serenity at anchor with tender on way to dock.
habor bananas on tree protected by bag Crystal Serenity at anchor, off shore
Shirley & Caro on bus Jim on bus Shirley & John
junk cars old car hidden in plants junk car
Like many of the islands we visited, poverty was always evident.
roadside stand man rooster at road side
chicken on grill chalk board menu totem pole