Carol & John Llewellyn
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Australia February 17, 2012
Perth is sometimes called the "world's most remote capital city." It is geographically closer to Bali than to Sydney. Singapore is as far away from Perth as is Sydney. we hopped a train from the Freemantle train station and were soon in Perth. (below left) When gold was found in Kalgoorlie (about 300 east of Perth) in the 1890s, waves of fortune seeking prospectors flocked to the countryside. Today, Perth is a vibrant, young city with many traces of its history standing in contrast with new high-rise buildings.
train station skyline old buildings
street scene new and old buildings church interior
(below) One of the prominent pieces of architecture in the city is the Swan Bell Tower.
Carol and fountains bell tower John & fountains
fountain fountain
skyline church church wall
skyline church building
fire house Carol John
Crystal Serentity pilot boat leaving sunset
(above) We sailed past the Crystal Serentiy on a harbor tour, watch the pilot leave the ship, and sail off into the sunset.