Carol & John Llewellyn
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Feb 29, 2012
Angkor Thom
After Ta Nei and Ta Keo, we set off again on our tuk-tuk to go to Angkor Thom, king Jayarvarman VII's great citadel. We park outside the victory gate (middle and right) and walk into the complex.
roadside shops Angkor Thom entrance Angor Thom
stone head stone faces moat
(above left and middle) Detail at entrance. (right) Moat.
(below) Entrance gate detail.
entrance detail entrance to Angkor Thom entrance detail
stone head stone head other view walk along top of wall
(above left and middle) Stone carvings. (right) walk along top of wall. (below) Preah Palilay, a small buddhist sanctuary next to the royal enclosure.
(bottom row) Some tourists like elephant rides (we didn't try one). On the way back to Amansara, we passed many vendors including produce delivery by tuk-tuk.
temple temple temple
temple elephant ride tuk-tuk delivering produce