Carol & John Llewellyn
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Italian Lakes Walking Trip Friday, October 5, 2012
Runo to Maccagno 11.8km
After a short transfer to get us back into Italy, we set off on the 6.7km hike to Grotto Bedorè. Just out of town, we come across people who had been gathering funghi in the forest (right)
Lungano Lake Lungano mushrooms
horse Carol trailer with produce
(above) Of course there is wild (domestic?) life along the way as we head into the forest. But civilazation keeps occuring, like the wagon selling produce. (below) Spotless noted that although there might be "beware of dog" signs, that there were many restrictions on what dogs could or where they could go.
sign with words "attenti al cane" no dog pooping allowed graphic sign graphical sign of no dogs allowed
Carol & Alisio on trail Carol & Alisio Carol & John
Heading up through the forest, there is nothing like getting to the top with great view of Lake Maggiore, and the lunch break at Grotto Bedorè.
lookin down on Lake Maggiore table set for lunch Lake Maggiore
After lunch, we head downhill toward Maccagno and the boat that will take us to the Grand Hotel Borromées.
church on shore of Lake Maggiore John waiting for boat Alisio & boat
Lake Maggiore Lake Maggiore coast line Lake Maggiore
Lake Maggiore boat with yellow carpet across beach Lake Maggiore
(above) Cruisng the lake, we are met with a yellow carpet across the beach from the hotel. Once at the hotel (below left) we find we have been given a rather Spartan room, but decide to go with the flow (below middle & right)
Grand Hotel des Iles Borromees hotel room hotel room
piano player in villa glass of wine on table hors d'oevers
After getting settled, we set off for a private villa for a farewell dinner with our walking companions.
dinner table dinner plate part of walking group
sunrise The next morning we catch the sunrise before heading to Milan to pick up our car and drive to Alba.