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Piedmont, Italy Wednesday, October 9, 2012
Pollenzo & Bra
Slow Food logoItaly is the home of the Slow Food movement, started as a result of a paper criticizing fast food and a counter to the opeing of a MacDonalds near the Spanish Steps in Rome. Pollenzo, in a suburb of Bra, is the home of the University of Gastronomic Sciences which grants degrees in gastronomy and food management based upon Slow Food priniples and is located in a former royal palace. The celebrated Guido Ristorante is located nearby (second row right)
(below right) Church of San Vittore adjacent to the University.

Pollenzo Pollenzo church in Pollenzo
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Citta di Bra crestOur next stop was the City of Bra (city crest at left) The church of Sant' Andrea Apolosto (below, left & center) is near the city hall (right) The church of Santa Maria degli Angeli is known for its rounded exterior walls and ornate ceiling. (2nd row)
Sant' Andrea Apolosto church interior city hall
Santa Maria degli Angeli Santa Maria interior Santa Maria degli Angeli ceiling