Carol & John Llewellyn
heading banner photo
Panama Canal Cruise January 14, 2011
Puerta Vallarta
We pulled into Puerta Vallarta early in the morning with the fog hugging the coast. Time for cup of coffee before venturing ashore.
(above left) Apprently sightseeing on Spanish Galleons (next to wharf) is popular. We headed for the center of the city where we visited the parrish church of Our Lady of Guadalupe. (above, center and right) Arialists climbed a tall pole, rotated around it at the top, and then let the rope play out to swing them around and bring them back to ground. (below)
agave agave tequilla still barrels
From the coast, we head slightly inland to the Levya hand-crafted tequilla factory. The Leyva Family distillery in Mexico bottles its very own brand of 100% Pure Blue Agave Tequila.
pouring tequilla a teguilla toast John with tequilla sample
street scene sign woman making tortillas
tour boat Serenity's exhaust snorkling boat