Carol & John Llewellyn
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Panama Canal Cruise January 12, 2011
Huatulco, Mexico
The Río Copalita Eco-Archeological Park has recently been opened to the public to view partial excavation and exploration of a pre-Hispanic culture. The area was occupied by up to 2,000 people from roughly 500 BC to 500 AD.
Rio Copalita Eco-Archeological Park John palita Eco-Archeological Park
ball court Carol steps
(above left) A ball court, similar to others in Central America. (middle) Carol waiting to photograph John. (right) The major temple which has only been partially uncovered.
(below left and middle) A large termite nest—somehow the termites know to only eat the part of the tree that doesn't support their home! (right) A small clay statue in the museum.
termite nest termite nest clay statue