Carol & John Llewellyn
heading banner photo
Panama Canal Cruise January 7, 2011
Cartagena, Columbia
ArrivingWe pulled in to Cartagena at dawn on a foggy morning and were met by a tug boat (left and center) and some sort of military ship. (right) Because the Serenity was longer than the pier, it had to be tied up using an extra, free standing mooring. To accomplish that, the men had to be taken out in a boat. (2nd row, left and middle) There was also another group of guys lurking about on a zodiac, presumably watching to see if anything was passed on or off the ship that shouldn't have been...after all, this was Columbia.
arriving in port tugboat military ship
docking docking zodiac with people
tug boat returning pulling in to dock dock
(above) It seemed as though the tug had just been there if needed as it left before we actually tied up at the dock in the industrial port. (below) We were met by Columbian women wearing typical, brightly colored dressed with baskets of fruit on their heads as well as a legion of buses for tours.
woman with basket on her head busses on pier women with baskets