Carol & John Llewellyn
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Italy 2011
Verona is known as the scene of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet and for the operas performed in its Roman era coloseum.
Verona coloseum coloseum coloseum
Carol in coloseum statue of Dante City Hall courtyard
(above) Carol in the coloseum. (middle) The statue of Dante is prominant in Piazza dei Signori in recognition of the time he spent there after his exile from Florence. (right) Verona City Hall
(below) The Adige River meanders through the city.
Carol Verona John in market
dog sculpture lion building detail
Giardino Giusti garden Giardino Giusti
The Giardino Giusti was first designed in 1580. The lower part of the garden is quite formal, the upper part, which overlooks the city, is quite informal.
Carol in garden Verona John
bridge over Adige river Verona Verona
Verona at night Verona deserted street at night
(above left and right) Verona at night. (above middle) Towers from Giardino Giusti. (below) We find food and wine!
John lasagna Carol