Carol & John Llewellyn
Maui banner photo
February 2010
We returned to Maui for our second "ski week" after it became official that John's skiing days were over.
boat with red sail man and dog on surfboard lizard in flower
Mama's fishouse John at Mama's Fishouse crab cakes at Mama's First stop from the airport...Mama's Fish House. (left) The next day we settled into lunches at the Four Seasons. (row below)
Caro at the Four Seasons waterfall
rain John, wet from rain rain
On one of our morning walks, the sky decided to open up with liquid sunshine. We sought refuge in a hallway of the Marriott, (above middle and right) but finally made it to the Four Seasons where staff was busy covering furniture. (below left) We managed to be just out of the rain, but our table wasn't!
covering furniture table wet from rain Carol eating in the rain
Carol dog in surf Carol on beach
On sunnier days, we explored the coast, seeing dogs romping in the surf (above middle) or riding on surf boards. (top row middle) And there was always lunch at the Four Seasons across the street from our condo.
Carol & John at Four Seasons John Carol
view from Haleakala
We ventured up the road to the top of the Haleakala volcano. Great views of the island.
Haleakala crater John on Haleakala Carol at Haleakala
sugar mill sugar field equipment bee in flower
(above left and middle) Though not as big as it once was, the sugar mill is still active. (right) An island critter. (below) Dinner at the condo.
Carol John Carol grilling