Carol & John Llewellyn
Cooper River bridge
Charleston to Savannah October 2010
Low Country
The reason for the travel to the "low country" was an active trip that included biking, kayaking, & walking on a route stretching from Charleston, SC to Savannah, GA. (below) We got set on our bikes and were off to the outskirts of Charleston. One of the things we kept finding was boats in folk's front yards. Go figure!
John on bike Carol with Backroads guide boat in front yard
Charleston house Charleston house pier for kyaking
(above) Charleston is filled with great, old historic homes. One morning we set out on kayaks (sorry didn't have a waterproof camera) to see wildlife: but see the "critters" page for the type of stuff we saw. (below) Unusual in our experience was the fact that many of the bikers stayed together instead of getting strung out over the route. Of course, some of the folks in the lead kept making wrong turns. (below, middle) John in front of the H & R Sweet Shop & Soul Food—the fine print says "snow cones, wings, burger baskets, candy, & more." (below, right) Carol with the Cooper River bridge in the background.
pack of bikers John in front of soul food store Carol with bridge
Carol on bridge on bike bridge John on bridge
(above) Actually, biking up the Cooper River bridge, formally known as the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, was the biggest climb we had on bikes. It is the longest cable-stayed bridge in the Americas. (below) The US Customs House was lit with pink lights in honor of breast cancer awareness month. Our last night in Charleston, we tried to roof-top bar at a downtown hotel.
US Customs House with pink lights John at roof-top bar Carol at roof bar
Carol with logging truck old church Carol on bike with old church
We shared the road with logging trucks and old churches. Many roads were tree lined with copious amounts of Spanish moss hanging from them.
John in front of gate John in front of tree with Spanish moss abandoned church
Carol on bike with old bus abandoned bridge country road