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One of many hilltop cities in Italy, Orvieto has the distinction of being one of two places outside Rome where a pope maintained a palace.
Carol in St. Patrick's well St. Patrick's well In 1527, in the day following the sacking of Rome, Pope Clement VII took refuge inSt. Patrick's wellOrvieto. To provision with water in case of siege, this St. Patrick well was built. Completed ten years later, it is just over 200' deep and, at the inside, has two double-spiralled stairwells for easier transportation of water.


Carol descending well stairs John exiting St. Patrick's well
Orvieto Cathedral Cathedral in Orvieto Orvieto Cathedral
Carol John Lunch in Orvieto. Something of a milestone as John was finally enough past the food poisoning that he cared what he ate. Carol, as always, was in good spirits and had been a heroine by returning a wallet to a member of a cruise tour who didn't know she had lost it.