Carol & John Llewellyn
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Yellowstone 2007
Ribbon Lake
Clear lake, Ribbon lake, and beasts
Off to a slow start on Sunday, we have lunch before setting off to hike to Clear Lake, for certain, and, perhaps as far as Ribbon Lake. (left and middle) Julia putting the finishing touches on the salad. (right) We arrive at Clear Lake. Feeling that we're still up for more distance, we set off for Ribbon Lake (second row left) Once we're back in the woods, we encounter a doe that just keeps grazing calmly until she decides that she has gotten too close to us! (second row middle and right) We were rather surprised by this because we'd been making a lot of noise, just in case there were bears in the area.
Julia putting salmon on salad salmon salad Clear Lake with Rick, Julia, and Carol
trail to Ribbon Lake deer deer
Carol Ribbon Lake Julia, Rick, & Carol hiking up the last hill
With Carol in the lead, (above left) we arrive at Ribbon Lake (middle) After taking a rest, we head back to the car (right) with Julia in the lead as we head up the last hill. But, what is that lump of brown next to the trail ahead? (below left) It has horns and friends...many friends! We leave the trail to avoid the Bison, as we look back, we see how many Bison were actually just over that hill (below right) However, when we get to our "escape route" we find that we're actually walking between two parts of the herd! (last row, left) Back at R&J's house we look at our photos (middle) and toast to surviving close encounters of the Bison kind! (bottom right)
Bison through trees Bison Bison on trail
Bison John with camera Carol, Rick, & Julia