Carol & John Llewellyn
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Hawaii 2007
Return to Hualālai
It's a long story, but originally it was an eighteen day trip to Machu Pichu and the Galapagos—that ended up being canceled due to civil unrest (riots, etc.). Then is was sixteen days in Rome and Florence—John jinxed that with an unplanned trip to the emergency room followed by surgery (…all is well now!). Finally, it was back to Hualālai for five days. Not a bad consolation prize!

Carol re-united with the rays (left) John gave a demonstration of his version of beach yoga (middle) And, we returned to our haunt at the Beach Tree Bar (right)
Carol with eagle ray John on beach Carol & John at the Beach Tree Bar
beach beach at night Four Seasons resort
As always, the beaches were beautiful during the day (above, left and right) as well as when lit at night (middle) We soaked our legs after walks (below left) dined in the Pahu i' a restaurant (below middle and right, second row left and middle) was well as the Beach Tree Bar (second row right). Spotless had missed the first trip to Hualalai, but managed to get into the program without any delay (second row right) More on him on the critter pages.
Carol & John in spa John
Carol & John Carol John & Spotless
sunset outdoor rain shower turtle in ocean
(above left) There is always at least one great sunset. (above middle) The outdoor rain shower in our room. (above right) Our trips to the Kohala and Kona coasts aren't complete without at least one sea turtle sighting.
(below) Not only is the setting and view from the Pahu i‘a, the food is beautiful and delicious.