Carol & John Llewellyn
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Biking in Loire 2007
Paris 2
Metro St-Etinne-du-Mont Carol in park
(left and middle) St-Etinne-du-Mont is an amazing church. (right) Carol in the Jardin des Tuileries. (below left) The Pantheon. (middle) Pantheon interior. (right) Faucault pendulum (also have one at Forest Lawn-Long Beach!).
Pantheon Pantheon pendulum
Carol in catacombs John in catacombs catacombs
(above) in the catacombs. (below left) the "pan" store. (below middle) Place de la Concorde looking toward the Eiffel tower—no, the Eiffel Tower is actually much taller than the obelisk. (below right) Our last lunch in Paris at La Guirlande de Julie in Plas des Vosges.
Carol at the "pan" store Plac de Concord John