Carol & John Llewellyn
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Biking in Loire 2007
Induction into Entonneurs Rabelaisiens
Our group is inducted into the Entonneurs Rabelaisiens.
entrance to wine cave Karen society members
(left) Sign over the wine cave entrance. (middle) Karen, our guide, greets the head of the society and (right) society members in line to greet us. (below left and middle) The wine cave. (below right) The trumpeters signal the beginning of the induction ceremony.
wine bottles John in wine cave trumpeters
Carol reading the society pledge induction
Each inductee was declared to be a Chevalier de la Dive Bouteille, presented with a large certificate, an apron signifying his or her status, as well as an impressive medallion to be worn around the neck. The ceremony involved the drinking of Chinon wine from a large globular glass, taking a pledge for the wines, and signing a register. Among the promises of the pledge was a promise to "not add water to the wine."
Carol with medalmedalJohn with medal   Chinon wine