Carol & John Llewellyn
ice skating
Christmas 2007
Christmas in London
London decked out for Christmas is amazing. In eleven days there, it only rained once, on Christmas. We managed to fit in four plays and a concert at Westminster Cathedral.
Westminer Abby
(above) Carol researching the city. (below) Carol with her cousin, Etta, whom she had never met before, and Etta's husband, Bill. They had graciously invited us to lunch (and to visit Northern Ireland). (above) "Green Man" means "walk"—you can figure out the rest! (below) Carol with a desert—see the food tab for more! (above) Westminster Abbey (not to be confused with the Roman Catholic Westminster Cathedral) at dusk. (below) St. Paul's from the Tate Modern Museum's restaurant—they have great fish and chips!
Bill, Carol, & Etta Carol at lunch Carol at Tate Modern museum
Carol on London street St. James's Park
(above, left to right) Ornate iron work on a London street, St. James's Park, and the London Eye. (below, left to right) John in front of the Sussex Pub, John and Spotless at Buckingham Palace, and the changing of the guard (they're in their winter garb).
John outside pub Spotless & John at Buckingham Palace Buckingham Palace guard change